Rock 'n" Roll Dance

Have you wanted to learn to Dance but lacked coordination? Lacked Confidence or thought you had no rhythm? Needed a dance partner to bring along? NO!

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It's More Fun Than You Think

Be assured that at your local Rhode Island Rock’n’ Roll Dance Class that you do not need a partner, everyone dances - Bring your sense of adventure!


Private lessons are available by appointment.
Please phone
Brian 0425 744 574


We patiently & repeatedly go over all the beginners steps at your pace so you are comfortable & confident in what you are learning

all types

Female or Male - friends alike. We cater to everyone who wants to learn so we can share the fun times!


Why Not Come Along ?

Because you won't be sorry if you do - Great people, great fun and great exercise!

We have other Class members for you to Dance & Learn with. All Beginners are welcome to stay & watch Intermediate to see other styles and steps that are taught. 

Rock ‘ n’ Roll is a fun way to keep fit, learn something new, and meet some new people. When you are Confident enough you may want to start attending social dances with our group.

If  think you would like to learn but are still a bit hesitant then give me a call and we can organise some private lessons.

I have been teaching for over 20 years and thoroughly enjoy the classes, the variety of people but particularly seeing the confidence that people achieve when they realise that they can dance!

Hope to see you at my class - come and see what it’s all about!